Welcome to Chalfant Borough


Chalfant Borough is nestled within the eastern suburbs of Allegheny County and is located just ten miles outside of Downtown Pittsburgh.

Chalfant, although small, is a borough with rich history dating back well over one hundred years.

Our quaint community is home to the beautiful Servicemen’s Memorial Park and ball field, several locally owned restaurants and businesses, and the landmark Parkway Steps.

Chalfant is delighted to remain a community where neighbors know one another and care about our borough.

We have recently updated our website in an effort to better support residents and visitors as they learn about the many resources available in Chalfant Borough.

Over the next few months, the website will continue to be updated with new content, so please check back frequently.

Warm Regards,

The Chalfant Borough Council



Important Information for Residents:

Utility Repairs to Begin in Borough–April 2019:

Residents are advised that effective April 1, 2019 that the Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority (WPJWA) and People’s Gas have commenced work throughout the Borough.  Residents are advised to be aware of how this might impact parking as well as street access.  People’s is utilizing yellow flags to mark gas lines throughout the borough–and specifically have marked access to gas lines of resident properties with yellow flags.   The Water Authority has marked water lines with blue spray paint.   Please be aware of these markings and flags if conducting any maintenance to your properties.

Memorial Day 2019

Please join fellow residents in the annual Memorial Day Ceremony honoring all living and past Servicemen and Women of Chalfant, Sunday, May 26, 2019.   The ceremony will begin at the North Avenue Memorial at noon.   Refreshments and light lunch immediately to follow at the Chalfant Community Center.

Churchill High School Class of 1974 45th Reunion:

Are you a member of the Churchill Class of ’74?   Please join fellow alumni at the 45th Class Reunion being held on Friday, June 7, 2019 at the Comfort Inn Penn Hills, 699 Rodi Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235.  Cost: $65.00 per person.  Alumni are invited to bring spouses or significant others.   Payments via check can be directed to Kyle Ziegler Olson, 245 Lilac Drive, Monroeville, PA 15146 or via PayPal: 1974CAHS@gmail.com – PayPal payments (choose sending to friend option).   6:00 PM Registration, 7:00 PM Dinner.  RSVP required by May 22, 2019.

Preparing for Winter Weather:

Winter is an unpredictable time in Pittsburgh, but the Borough encourages residents to be proactive and prepare in advance of any potential storms or disruptions that can be caused by loss of utilities.   As recommended by the National Weather Service and survival experts, residents should be prepared for the potential loss of heat, power, water, telephone service or shortage of supplies if not prepared.   Residents are encouraged to prepare now by keeping the following supplies on hand at home:

  • Flashlights, extra batteries, LED candles (alternative to traditional wax candles for safety)
  • Functioning smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors (with updated batteries) and fire extinguishers graded for residential use.  Check to make certain they have not been included in recent recalls of fire safety equipment
  • Cellular phones and chargers (to use in car should home power be lost)
  • Batter powered NOAA weather radio/portable radios/GMRS/FRS handheld radios to receive emergency information
  • 1 gallon water per person and pet in household. It is recommended a 3 day supply be kept in home at all times regardless of time of year
  • Non-perishable food (that does not require refrigeration or cooking should power be lost).
  • Extra medicine and/or baby supplies
  • First aid kit and supplies
  • Heating fuel and emergency heating source—learn to use properly in advance and have proper ventilation
  • Salt, cat litter, or sand (to clear sidewalks)
  • Supplies for emergency repairs such as duct tape, plastic sheeting and tools
  • Full tank of gas in vehicle (to prevent freezing of gas line)

Residents are also encouraged to know in advance of weather emergencies how to shut off water supplies and power in home should this become necessary during a storm.

Inspect properties to determine any potential concerns such as low or seemingly loose utility lines and contact utility provider or have large tree branches limbed by trained professionals to prevent their likelihood of breaking and damaging property.

Residents should always check on neighbors particularly if they are elderly or disabled during storm conditions to ascertain their wellbeing and needs.

Contact Information for Utility Companies:

Winterl storms can sometimes cause disruptions in gas, electric, or water service.  The borough will post information as it is made available from the utility companies on the website and the Chalfant Borough Information Page on Facebook, however it is vital for residents to be proactive and contact the utilities directly when encountering any service disruption.

Please find the appropriate contacts for the utilities in Chalfant listed below for your reference.   In emergency situations, please contact 911 FIRST and then notify the appropriate utility.

Wilkinsburgh-Penn Joint Water Authority (WPJWA)


*Residents are encouraged to register online for the WPJWA Emergency Telephone Sign Up so that residents with any water disruptions in Chalfant will be notified.   The WPJWA website is http://www.wpjwa.com/.

Duquesne Light Company

412-393-7000 (Emergency Number)

*Duquesne Light also offers many helpful information tips for residents regarding storm safety and power outages at https://www.duquesnelight.com/outages-safety/storm-plan.

Peoples Natural Gas (PNG)

1.800.400.4271 (Emergency Number)

*Peoples Natural Gas offers information to residents regarding gas safety tips at https://www.peoples-gas.com/all-about-gas/safety/.