Information for Landlords

Property owners in Chalfant Borough who choose to rent their home and/or apartments are advised that the following Ordinances and requirements have been set in place by the Borough Council:

Any landlord who wishes to rent their property is required to complete an Occupancy permit EVERY TIME that the property is rented.

Occupancy requirements can be attained by contacting Borough Secretary Stephanie Schwoegel at 412-823-6500.

Ordinance 319 requires all property owners to complete an Annual Report of Occupancy on an annual basis.

Chalfant Borough Annual Occupancy Report 2018

Ordinance 415 requires any property owner residing outside of a fifty (50) mile radius of the borough must name a local property manager that can address concerns, property upkeep, and correspond with the Borough Council regarding issues.

The name of this manager must be provided to the Borough by contacting the office and/or adding this name on the Annual Report of Occupancy.

Landlords are encouraged to review all Borough Ordinances  which can be found on the website and also encourage all tenants to review these prior to move-in.

It is also expected that all landlords will establish property maintenance schedules with renters in advance of occupancy that will include the upkeep of lawns and property, sidewalks, trash collection, pets, leaf and snow removal.