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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.

Approval of Minutes:
● August 10, 2022

Approval of Bank Balances
Approval of Payment for Bills for the Month After Being Properly Countersigned
Approval of the Tax Collection Report as Read


Finance and Administration:
● Report on Chalfant Community Day: expenses, donations
to date, raffle basket, and 50/50 winners
Permits and Ordinances
Roads and Public Works:
● Motion to pay Urban Construction Services, LLC’s invoice
in the amount of $2,672.00 for the replacement of the steel
bollard on Lynnwood Avenue following a single-vehicle
crash that damaged the bollard. This invoice was
submitted for reimbursement to the at-fault party and their
auto insurance company has submitted a check for the full
amount of the invoice which will appear on the borough’s
September deposits.

Health and Sanitation
● Motion to pay the remaining balance of Mike the Balloon
Guy, LLC’s invoice from the Chalfant Community Day in
the amount of $320.00. This invoice was paid with the end
of August bills.
● Motion to pay Urban Construction Services, LLC’s invoice
in the amount of $7,900.00 for the emergency storm inlet
replacement in the vicinity of 301 Chalfant St.
● Motion to transfer $7,900.00 from the Sewer Line Fund to
the General Fund Checking to cover the cost of the
emergency storm inlet replacement.

Public Safety
● Motion to transfer $99.22 from the General Fund Money
Market account to the Designated WHEMS account. This
was the amount of WHEMS tax collected in August.

Parks and Recreation/Borough Property

Crime Watch

Tax Collector

Citizen Participation

Old Business

New Business:
● The Borough has received the second and final ARPA
disbursement in the amount of $40,425.06. Motion to
transfer 40,425.06 from the ARPA MM account to the
General Fund Checking. ARPA funds will be used to pay
general government expenses as permitted by Treasury
● Council to discuss the draft of the DPW agreement for
2023 that was recently submitted by Forest Hills. Chalfant
has not yet received a draft of the police agreement for


Important Information for Residents


Residents are Advised to Check Tax Statement Address

Notice to all Homeowners in Chalfant Borough.

It has been brought to my attention, with the mailing of the 2021 Chalfant Borough Tax Statements, that there are many incorrect mailing addresses for these statements. We do our best to record new owners and addresses provided by Allegheny County, but even on their site information isn’t always correct.

With the high number of Mortgages being sold and people refinancing, the County and the Chalfant tax collector don’t always get the new information quickly enough. It is the responsibility of all homeowners to advise the County and the local tax collector of any changes in the mailing address of tax statements. If you or your mortgage company don’t receive a tax statement, that does not excuse you from paying. A lot of these mailings do not get returned to me because they are deliverable, but that person may not live there any longer or that mortgage company may no longer hold your mortgage.

Chalfant Borough Tax Statements are mailed on March 1st of the year, Allegheny County Tax Statements are mailed on March 1st of the year and the Woodland Hills School District Tax Statements are mailed on July 1st of the year.

If you do not receive these, it is the Homeowner’s responsibility to advise the taxing agencies immediately. In doing so, the homeowner avoids the unpaid tax being turned over to Jordan Tax Services as a delinquent account.

Always remember to report the following: New Mortgage Company and mailing address(due to refinancing or mortgage being sold to another mortgage holder) Tax Statements to be mailed to a different branch or locations of the mortgage holder. The payoff of the mortgage, need to advise of new mailing address of Tax Statements. Homeowners renting a property, need to advise of your (property owner) new mailing address for Tax Statements.

In reporting all these things to the taxing agency, it can help keep you, the homeowner, receiving your tax statements and therefore not having your account go delinquent. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please call me at 412-824-3283 or email me at cadon4946@hotmail.comYour cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Carol A Donahue/ Chalfant Tax Collector

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