FAQ’s for Viewing Website on Tablets/Smart Phones

Please be advised that there will be a difference in the interface looking at the new borough website on a tablet or smart phone than viewing it on a home PC.

On a computer, the menu will automatically drop down tabs for the various areas of the site, however, this does not automatically happen on a tablet or PC.   For this reason, please note these visuals to assist in your successful operation of the website.

When opening the website on a tablet/smartphone, the Welcome page will automatically load with a small rectangle below the Chalfant Borough header. This acts as the tablet/smart phone menu which brings you directly to the main pages of the website.

This menu connects you to Home, Information, Resources, Government, Documents, and Contact for the Borough pages.


Click on the desired page and the tablet/smart phone interface will bring you to the main page.   Again, these do not immediately enter into a dropdown menu like the PC, so click on the menu feature under each to provide access to the following pages:


Information—Borough Newsletters, Community Calendar, Community News.

Resources—Allegheny County Senior Citizen Tax Relief, Emergency Contact Numbers, Fire and Emergency Services, Trash Collection and Recycling Schedule.

Government—Borough Council, Borough Council Minutes.

Documents—Annual Report of Occupancy, Borough Code Enforcement, Borough Ordinances, Right to Know and Open Records Requests.

Contact—How to reach the Borough with questions.   Please note, when submitting a contact request you MUST include name, email, and message.   In order for this to process, you must hit submit.

Please note, due to the size of Ordinances they will take significant time to load and may not image correctly on a tablet or smart phone. It is advised that these are viewed on a PC.



Should you have questions on how to utilize the website or difficulties, please contact Alia M. Pustorino-Clevenger at  aliaclevenger@gmail.com.