Garbage and Recycling Collection Considerations During COVID-19

While Swissvale Borough has resumed the normal garbage and recycling practices prior to COVID-19, the following considerations should still be given prior to disposing of any refuse:

Garbage Collection:
• All garbage must be placed in approved containers or rodent proof bags. Lose trash should not be placed in trash cans as it is both unsanitary and will attract bugs and animals.

• All bags must be tightly sealed.

• Bags that are damaged by rodents prior to collection will not be collected unless the resident picks up the waste and places it in another bag.

• Please limit amount of bulk items put out to the curb during each week.

Borough Recycling:
•Recycling must be placed, including paperboard in the recycling containers at the Borough building.  Recycling must be loose and not contained in bags or it will not be taken.