Woodland Hills EMS Tax

In December 2019 the Chalfant Borough Council approved the passage of a 0.5 mil tax increase which, starting in April 2020 would cover all households in the Borough to receive membership in the Woodland Hills Emergency Medical Service.

This tax will replace households needing to subscribe to WEMS during the annual Woodland Hills Emergency Medical Service Membership Drive.

In order to verify residents, all Borough households will be required to identify legal occupants of their households in the 2020 Annual Report of Occupancy.

This report should also include all children residing in the residence, as well as children who may be at college for part of the year.   For rental units, landlords must report all residents in apartments as well as single-family dwellings.

As with any non-resident emergencies that occur in the Borough, WEMS will respond to any emergency calls, however, billing for services will vary in cost from those who have tax subsidized membership through WEMS.

Any questions regarding WEMS services be directed to the Borough at 412-823-6500.   For more information about the Woodland Hills Emergency Medical Service, please visit their website at http://whems.org/.